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There really is a difference in quality among the many different brands and suppliers of all of our Wholesale Cowhides and Cowhide Rug lines… from Premium Cowhides and Animal Skin Rugs to Mink Blankets and Accessories, you can find suppliers who do not take the time to scrutinize their products for quality like we do! Unfortunately, words and pictures will never reveal how fabulous most of our products truly are: you simply must “experience” them for yourselves to fully appreciate what we are saying.It is universally known that the World’s finest quality “hair-on” Wholesale Cowhides come from Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina. We carry only the best possible Cowhide choices processed and tanned the best possible way. Chromium tanning has long been known to produce the best tanned cowhide rug. A properly chromium tanned cow hide will last much longer than cowhides tanned with a different process. There will be no displeasing odors or color bleeding. Simply put… our product is the best quality you can find.When it comes to Faux Mink Blankets… The incredibly soft, plush, acrylic fibers and rich, vibrant colors with the luster and the sheen of our Mink Blankets is simply amazing. Our blankets are truly unforgettable, beautiful and pleasing to the touch! In short our “premium grade” mink blankets cost more than lesser quality ones, including our “standard” quality line, but from the very first time you see and touch one, you will understand why. You simply will not find softer, better quality “mink” blankets anywhere!When you go with Home Décor International, Inc…. You are choosing High Quality at Undeniably great Prices!

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