Why should you buy from us?

How can you, as a new customer, have confidence in dealing with our company?

These are questions that we have attempted to answer here. Forgive us for being so wordy. However, we feel that if you have clicked on this link in the first place, you may be a bit leery in dealing with a “strange” company for the first time.
Hopefully, after reading this, we will have given you the confidence to do just that. In addition, if you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free in either calling us, toll free, or emailing us.

Both, our toll free number and “contact us” link, are located at the top right of each page.

Let’s face it. Ordering off the internet can be Scaaarrrrrrrry!

Questions like:

Who are these guys?
How can I trust them?
What if I don’t like my product?
Will I ever see my merchandise?
What do they do with my personal information?
Is it going to be a hassle returning things if I don’t like it?

We could add about 10 more pertinent questions but I think it is clear that ordering from a strange company for the first time can make us a bit “anxious”, to say the least.

Even the best companies make mistakes. However, it’s not the mistakes that concern people. It’s how companies handle the mistakes!

How Do We Handle Mistakes?

As hard as we try, we still are occasionally making mistakes. However, when we find out, we try to fix the mistake immediately. Not only that, but if it is a glaring mistake, we really try to go the extra mile. For big mistakes, we have at times actually given the product for free! At other times, we have sold the product for our cost or at least have given them a considerable discount, either on that item or on a future item. All of this, along with a belief in treating people like we would like to be treated, has helped build a very loyal customer base.

The bottom line is, we try extremely hard to give all of our customers great customer service!

Unfortunately, many companies today, and many people we might add, think that simply apologizing will “fix” a “wrong” or “mistake”. We as a society simply have fallen into the habit of not taking responsibility for our actions.

Personally, if there were a choice between someone apologizing for a mistake and having that mistake corrected to one’s satisfaction, we believe that most people would prefer to have the mistake corrected.

All the “I’m Sorry’s” just won’t fix a problem! We do not believe in this! We Fix the Problem!

We feel very strongly about this concept. We make every effort to not only take responsibility for our mistakes, but to also correct them to “the satisfaction of our customer”!

Another pet peeve of ours is the total “cop-out” when someone says, “I take full responsibility for this” and then says nothing else about how they are going to take this so called “responsibility”.

Wouldn’t you just once love to say to these people something like, “Really, are you going to take it out of your salary to pay for it”?

However, words are cheap. Unlike EBay, which provides a system of rating sellers based on their actions and not on what they say, there isn’t a system that can rate an Internet business’s service and product line.

How can you, a prospective new customer have confidence in a company or an individual who just might be saying what any customer would like to hear? Very simple! Find out what that company’s customers think!

The only assurance that a new customer can have concerning the integrity of a company and the quality of its products is to know what it’s customers have to say and think. This is the reason why we have provided actual testimonials from satisfied customers…all very pleased with our service and the quality of our products.

Actual Customer Testimonials

Real testimonials from satisfied customers…all very pleased with our service and the quality of our products.

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Mr. Ward, I ordered a cowhide rug from you for a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband, Joe. He was so surprised and so pleased! So, thank you!!!!!! After years of never getting the reaction I’d like to get, out of him, regarding my presents, I FINALLY felt like I deserved a pat on the back!!! (Mind you, I did pat myself on the back.) Our rug is beautiful, and we are so happy to enjoy it for years to come. Thank you again for your VERY timely service, great quality and friendly customer service.

A very pleased wife, Ashton / Wichita, Kansas

I would like to commend you on the professional way that you handle your business! I shop a lot on-line and found that the way you conduct business is top notch.
You sent an e-mail to confirm my order, an e-mail when my order shipped (along with tracking abilities), and an e-mail to make sure I was satisfied. My order was shipped quickly and received in excellent condition. I will definitely order from you again. Thanks!

Kathie Collins / Kansas City, Missouri

Hello Mr. Ward, I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you how pleased I am with both your product and your service. I ordered my cowhide from your company after 7:30 in the evening on Tuesday June 16th and received it during the day on Friday June 19th. I am truly amazed at the promptness of receiving my order. But the reason I decided to write to you is because of the product I received. My expectations were totally exceeded. As stated on your web site the cowhide I received was the exact one I ordered and the quality is superior. The hide is soft and supple and even more beautiful than it appeared on your site. I am completely pleased with my shopping experience with your company and will recommend you to everyone who admires our new hide. Thank You So Much!

Andie Selman

Hi Earl, Just wanted you to know I got the cowhide I ordered today. WOW. It looked beautiful in the picture, but I never expected it to be so much more amazing in person. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I don’t know a whole lot about cowhides, but the quality of this one is obvious. I can’t believe how much nicer it is than any of the cowhides I’ve seen at high-end design stores – and for about $500 less. I imagine you’ll have a couple more orders from my coworkers. I had it delivered to my office, so they all took a peek. No one could believe the price. Honestly, I’m floored. Thank you!


Earl, The two cowhide rugs arrived on time and in perfect condition. We are repeat customers (I think these are our 7th & 8th rugs) and we have been 100% satisfied with each order. We have five dogs in our house and the rugs are easy to clean, durable and they protect our wood floors as well as being pleasing to the eye. A couple of our friends (PETA members) weren’t so happy with us at first, but when we explained the hides are by-products of the food industry they cut us some slack. We’ll be back for more whenever these wear out.

Mark / South Carolina